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A Caregiver Story: Trading Anguish for a Life of Gratitude

Are you coping with the physical and mental burden of being a caregiver? Here is an inspirational book for those who are living in anguish because they feel they have given up their own lives to take care of a loved one. Throughout this journal, Lorna talks about her ten-year experience of taking care of her mom. She candidly writes about the frustration and self-pity she goes through, but eventually finds an awareness and a purpose that lifts her out of depression and into spirituality. As she discovers more about herself and the relationship with her mother, it becomes evident that a shift in attitude is taking place. Lorna speaks openly about her transformation from being an exhausted, angry caregiver, to a daughter who is thankful for the opportunity to spend the time with her mother, so they can share those last days living in gratitude.

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